How to find your Ademco model number


This is just an example of the effort that Alarm Tech Online goes through for our Members to put together Step by Step documents for the homeowner. Alarm Tech Online strives to make all the manuals that are writing for the professional alarm instiller, easy to understand for the DIY 'err.

Step One


Locate your Ademco keypad

If your keypad looks similar to this then you will need to locate the main control panel. See Locating the control panel below.


If your keypad looks like this you have an Ademco Lynx system. The instructions for changing the codes are the same on all the Ademco Lynx systems.


Step Two


Locating the Ademco control panel.

Most Ademco systems will have a Control Panel that will look like this and is normally located in a closet or basement. Once you locate this, move on to step three. See below


Step Three

Find the Ademco Model Number

Once you find the Ademco control panel, on the inside cover of the control panel you will see a wiring diagram similar to the one below. The model number of your system will be on this diagram.

The diagram will show the model number then say Summary Of Connections. You can also check the chip on the main board to find the model number and revision number See below.


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